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Not much to tell, my name is Max Barton. 

I’m 30, single and I’m a pharmacy technician

I’m based in South Wales.

I’m pretty quiet, like reading (SF), films (Alien, Kick Ass, Donny Darko, any George A Romero)

Music –  Laibach, System of a Down, NIN, Cardiacs, Johnny Cash, Marilyn Manson, Foo Fighters, Mr Bungle and a billion more.

Am currently researching something so bizarre I can’t quite believe it.  I used to do some work for a guy who tested compounds for, quote ‘some mental old bastard who thinks he’s living in Victorian times’, and made ‘home remedies’.  He insisted we call him The Doctor. Some of the stuff  he cooked up was pretty weird, but nothing too freaky.  I dropped some of his stuff back to his house once, and it was like something out of a film.  Grade A nutjob. The guy must be at least 80 – and gives you the fear big-time .  

Coincidentally,  a few years later (oh it’s a small, small world), I met a girl at a gig who turns out to work for him (me and Dave the guy I used to work for, always made jokes about him having an Igor,  so she was a bit of a surprise).  Apparently now he has 4 people working for him that she knows of, and thinks there may be more in his ‘research department’.  She’s a kind of gofer – everything from cleaning lab equipment to ordering supplies.  We’ve kept in touch, and recently we spent a pleasant evening getting hammered, and she told me about some weird stuff that happened.

Some guy got fired, and there was a massive row about experiments and ‘immoral and illegal’ situations. This guy has now fully disappeared, my friend (I’ll call her X) and another guy have tried to get in touch, but nothing. She’s meeting me soon as she says she wants to show me something she found that is ‘wrong’.  It’s all a little X-Files for me, but could be fun…


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