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It will be over soon



I had my house broken into over the holidays.

The pictures and diary pages that X had given me regarding the Doctor’s ‘work’ have all been taken.

I cannot get hold of X at all and am starting to worry that he has found out she was passing me information.

The only remaining piece of his diary I have is this one. ..


So it’s been a while – had a call from X last week – bit melodramatic.  There’s a sub-level to the basement.  X was carrying files down there from the main house and found this on the ground.

they were by a grating that is usually locked.

Of course she went down – she’s habitually nosy.

So she sent me these. 

 ‘Hendricks’ was the name of the guy the Doctor had the falling out with. It also looks very like a human ear in jar is bearing the name ‘Hendricks’ on the label on the reverse.  What the blue fuck is in the other jars????  I don’t know where to go from here…

We’re getting there.

A package from X. Just going through it now, but it includes extracts she has copied from the Doctor’s journal. She says there is more, but needs another opportunity to get hold of it…Still can’t get scanner working to upload the pictures. Will keep trying!

Getting closer

I am sure I’m onto something. X has passed over some photographs supposedly taken in the Doctor’s private rooms. Will try and scan them later today.
This could be more serious than I thought.


I thought X must be joking, but it appears not.

The rumours have something to them after all.

Will write more as soon as I’ve checked a few things out for myself.

ETA: Turns out he has a shop now – link is on the front page. ???

Also found Twitter account – must be someone else doing it – he’s way too old and X doesn’t  know of the woman who is mentioned in some of the stuff. Curiouser and curioser…